Sunday, January 23, 2011

me and M.C - Fear

me - Ok, lets talk practical. I am human and so cant completely or at least instantly avoid or overcome fear in me. So, instead of giving lectures like "leave fear..." blah blah... tell me how to face it.

M.C: ok, then realize.

me: what?

M.C: the fact that you dont fear the problem, but you fear losing something 'coz of the problem.

me: of course, I know it. What to fear of a problem? Its for the loss, the problem might cause me, that I am afraid of. So, what I want to hear from you is... How to act at times, I fear.

M.C: hmmm. I feel nice to hear this from you. You sound strong enough to face fear now. Coming to your Q, all I can say is.. Dont think. Let your instinct take over. Most of the times its wiser than your intelligence. But just make sure and strict that you dont try to escape, whatever it may be.

me: Wait! You said I am strong enough..?

M.C: No, I said, 'You sound strong enough..'.

me: I thought it should be 'brave' enough.

M.C: No, brave is the absence of fear. What one needs to face fear is courage. One form of strength.

me: *&%$#@@#$%$^&*&^%$#!!!#$%  Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh.........I am CONFUSED.

M.C: 'To confuse' is a part of my part time job! :P

me: Huuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

PS: M.C - My Conscience