Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How Far We Are

You were roaring dangerous when I reached you. 
And when you reached me, I was locked inside.  

Hanging on to the glass of separation, 
quietly whispering to me to break through. 
Looking straight into my eye,
Could you look at yourself in there? 

Soon, dear, you were gone. 
And here I am... looking through the glass. 

We were always close enough to carry each others shadows. Yet so far....

Sunday, September 9, 2012


Once, in a dense forest, there was a huge deep well, with sweet waters, surrounded by huge trees.

All the trees and leaves always talked about the well. How it haunts and how anyone fell into it never returned back to the ground. So, no matter what happens, no one ever even tried to bend to look into the well.

One day a huge leopard jumped on a big tree around that well and broke a branch. many leaves cut separate and fell on the ground. All of them managed to not fall into the well, except one.

This one leaf has always dreamt of being close to a beautiful budding flower. Today, looking at its destiny in a well, it felt sad and sobbed. But sooner it realized that none can hear its sobs as the well is too deep for its cries to reach the ground.

 After crying for a long time, the leaf kept quiet. Floating on the water, it quietly kept looking at the deep blue skies...
Days passed. Lot of larvae and other such species took the shelter of the leaf, sometimes boarding it and sometimes under it. But  the leaf quietly kept looking at the deep blue skies...

Months passed.  Lot of leaves started growing around in the well.  still  the leaf quietly kept looking at the deep blue skies...

Now and then, the other leaves used to keep the leaf busy knowing about its journey from the tree to the well and its dream of a beautiful flower.

A year end is nearby. One morning, the leaf opened its eyes when few dew drops fell on its face., to notice that there is someone masking its sight into the blue skies....

The leaf hopped aside... to see a beautiful pink lotus blooming by its side, with dew drops at the corners of its sharp and nicely curved petals.

Nothing left to speak, tears rolled down the leaf. It turned away from the flower to see hundreds of such flowers blooming around.

No well is deep enough to bury your wish. So, no matter what happens, keep your wish strong and alive and miracles will flower to brighten your way.

A True Friend

The charm of life is in true friendship. A true friend is not one who can do anything for his friend. Need NOT be. Its too much of exaggeration and of course too much of expectation. Because we all live with limitations. Limitations, be it social, political, economical,  personal, mental, emotional, physical, situational or contextual.... and the list can go on... So, its not practical for someone to be available always.

So, a true friend need NOT be someone who can do "anything" for us, but someone who can stand little above his/her limitations for a friend. An extra hour| an extra mile| a dedicated thought| a pure feeling| an extra ear | an extra pinch of confidence, trust, love... Someone who can willfully stretch their limits, just a bit for us, who expects less and gives more, is our true friend. A true friend, an angel for life and a boon for eternity.

So live the life of a True Friend, a Life of Charm.

I am grateful to all angels of my life. :)