Monday, May 23, 2011

Maslow's triangle - Compass for life

Living is like the art of sculpting - We continuously are carving and shaping ourselves.

I appreciate all those out there who are facing the life posing challenges with all the guts, gathering all their strengths. This post is one little reminder to all those brave soldiers in the war of life.

A firm base is required for anything to stand in balance. And human being is no exception.

Be it Science or Bhagavat Gita or any rationally modeled scripture... have provided few guidelines to help us sort out our "What to do~*&@#@**! NOW" kind of confusions.

Someone who doesn't believe in God n scriptures can be called an atheist. But to deny science is being foolish. So, if not scriptures, at least we should respect Science.

Maslow's triangle is the most simple, yet the best compass to direct our boat in the right path in the ocean of life.

Bottom up. That's the order we need to prioritize our needs... "most of the times".
Instead, "most of the times" we topsy-turvy the whole triangle and stand on one vertex :)

Standing on a vertex - losing all balance, one collapses, crashing other people around.. If luck is on our side, we depend on others' - to stand, still with our wrong order of priorities!!

This sure causes tensions in relations, health and hence, DAMN affecting everything else that the ppl are involved with. Resulting in a kind of pressure (differences). [My logical brain says that pressure differences cause cyclones. Can be applied here too??!]

Whom to blame for all the disaster? Destiny? Fate?? Others??
No, its YOU, of course!! to stand on a pointed vertex.

Destiny is something beyond our hands. So, lets not talk about it.
But this is something in our hands!! This is about our 'Self'. You are the architect of your own 'Self'.

I sure understand that its NOT easy to hold on to oneself at times of crisis. But we got to realize that 'not being able to hold on to oneself' just makes things worse.

So, guys! leave destiny and get back to job. Checkout yourself. Step-up and Workout to get a strong base. The rest can be constructed from there on.

Keep your priorities right and Have a happy life. You deserve it.
Good luck!

I may be not at the best of my conveying skills here. But I dont care. I post it here with a wish that ppl grasp The Point!! instead of seeing it through literal/emotional filters.

Monday, May 16, 2011

పగటి చీకట్లు - రేయి రంగులు

నన్ను నాకు నగ్నంగా చూపే పగటి వెలుగుకంటే
నన్ను నాలా ఉండనిస్తూ భద్రతనిచ్చే చిక్కటి చీకటి నాకు నచ్చుతుంది.

నాలో ఘోషని నిర్లక్ష్యం చేసే వెలుగుకు ఏ కొసైనా నా చింత లేదు.
తన నిశ్శబ్దంలో నన్ను ఐక్యం చేసుకునే చీకటి నిశ్చింతలో నాకు స్వాంతన దొరుకుతుంది.

తన కపట మాటలతో చేతలతో మభ్యపెట్టే, రోజు ఆడంబరంకంటే
చంటిపాపలా నన్ను లాలించే రేయిలోని ఆప్యాయత నన్ను నెగ్గుతుంది.

రెండు నిమిషాలు కూడా కుదురుండనివ్వని పగటి ఆర్భాటంకంటే
శాంతం కూర్చుని నా గాధలన్నీ ఓపికగా వినే యామిని స్నేహం ఆహ్లాదంగా ఉంది.

కాదని, కుదరదని, జరగదని అపహాస్యం చేసే వెలుగు రంగులకంటే
'నీకు నచ్చిన రంగులతో నన్ను నింపుకో' అని చీకటిచ్చే చనువు నన్ను కదిలిస్తుంది.

నా చావుకు నన్నొదిలేసి, నా గొయ్యి లోతును కొలిచే పనికి రోజు పూనుకుంటుంది.
జారిపోతున్న నాకు ఊతం అందించి, ఒడి పరిచి బడలిక తీరుస్తుంది రాత్రి.

పగటి వెలుగులో చీకట్లు ముసిరేస్తున్నాయి. చీకట్లో వెలుగు రేఖలు విచ్చుకుంటున్నాయి.
రేయి పాడిన పాటలలోని రాగాలు, ఉషోదయంతో కూనిరాగలై మాయమైపోతున్నాయి.

రణగొణగా అట్టహాసంగా సాగుతూ, ఎన్ని అపహాస్యాలు చేసి ఎంత కౄరంగా హింసించినా
ఎదిగే ప్రతి పొద్దును ఊపిరి బిగపట్టి ఓర్పుతో దాటేస్తున్నది ఎందుకంటే......
నిరాడంబరమైన నిశి పరిచే చల్లని ఒడిలో వెచ్చని ఊహలతో
నిశ్చింతగా నిదురించే సమయం తిరిగి నాదౌతుందన్న నమ్మకంతో......

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

మేఘన - Hangover....

Hangover??? Do you drink?
Ok Ok.... I mean.... I know you dont! But then why hangover???

I dont know!!

'Cmon yaar... something should have triggered it.

I took my time to explain what I am seeing, what I have been thinking and what I am being through..... for the past 10 months. And I also got to know what the pov is.... from the "other" side.

That's Good. That's great in fact!! It should have brought you more clarity??!!
Like in Engineering drawing....., you get the details of view from various angles, and it helps you draw the RIGHT picture!!

Will you, PLEASE stop cracking non-sense??? for GOD sake?!!!.

Hey, I was just trying to...... Ok, Sorry! Go on...

All that I could feel is a lump in my throat. And suddenly, I could not breathe!
I could not even see anything properly.
and..... I felt sick and.... and felt like throwing up.
Its like.... Its like as if I am standing at the tip of a cliff and everything seemed verrrrrryyyy verrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy faaaaaaaaaaaaaar offffffff.
Today, on my way back home, I stood near the foot board. From the running bus, I was looking straight down, at the fast moving road, and........... All my senses wished that I let myself faaallll frrrreee.

Ok Ok. Relax.

Hmmm... I have all my time to relax, now.

Good! you badly need some rest. Go to bed now. Sweet dreams. Good night. Sleep tight.

Good night!


Good morning dear!!!
Hey, What are you taking in?

Wish it is poison.....

Damn it!!!! Whats sooo wrong with you yaaar??! Dont you have some nice thing to talk early in the morning???? When did you turn so damn pessimistic??? After all, what has happened now? God has given you an all available life. Be happy and grateful for that.

Haa haa haa....  calm down deary! I was just kidding, I am perfectly alright.
Its just that small thing in mind, which hits our conscious as the first thing.......  early in the morning................. feel sooo glad to have it in your life and you smile... :)
Isnt it a sweet feeling to open your eyes, stretch a bit, with a smile on your face and rise from the bed, in the morning?? 
I am sure, you wont contradict. You cant! No one can!!
But then...... the next moment, all of a sudden......., you realize!!
You realize that this day broke.......  and for the small thing in mind, its life has reduced by a day.
So, its just a count!!! A count-down!! that makes me feel sick~~


Chal... I got to go now, getting late.
Btw - That drawing stuff you told last night......  - It makes sense!

It did??

Yes, it did. It helped me wag off my hangover...
Come soon in the evening, we’ll hangout n party. I promise, I will make one more Hangover story for you tonight!! ;)
Great day ahead.!! Kise pataaa... "Kal HO na Ho..." :)
See you in the evening. Bye.



"If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thru' narrow chinks of his cavern."
-- William Blake