Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I, Walk Away.

I, walk away.
And all you feel is I left you behind, cheated on you, moved on and I don't Love You any more!!

But Darling, the Truth is...

All my Love for you is right here in me, drowning me from within, suffocating, choking and pulling me far far away from you.

The same force which once brought us together, is now pulling and dragging my Love to a very distant High Lands. The prophecy tells that my Love eventually will be shattered by the grief of our separation and buried alive there, in those High Lands, deep under the rocks of your Mistrust and Disbelief.

Now, I accept this harsh journey and walk away... with all my Faith to meet you again one day, my love, when your Love rises so high... enough to reach those High Lands, blooms beautifully and burns the barriers down in its Fire and Warmth.

Then... my dear, through the ashes of the burnt, will "my Love" come back to life  in your arms, taking the fragrance of your Love as its first breath. I promise.

Until then...... I, Walk Away.

Monday, August 25, 2014


రావద్దని తోస్తున్నా....

ముంచేస్తా అని భయపెడుతున్నా....

ముందుకెళ్తే ప్రమాదం అని తెలిసినా....

దొరికినంతలా కావలించుకుంటూ ముందుకే వెళ్తున్నా...


Tuesday, March 18, 2014


గంధపుచెక్కను అరగదీస్తే చందనం వచ్చినట్టు....
    నా మనసును అరగదీస్తుంటే ప్రేమను పంచుతుంది.
- ఓ పూవు