Friday, December 2, 2011

Me and My Conscience - Duality/Dichotomy in Life

When you feel like talking more than necessary, push yourself to be quiet.
When disturbed with too much silence in mind, make some noise, plan yourself a nice engaging activity.

When you feel like moving away from the world, move to the best of the pals or a better place.
When you are engaging your self too much into world's matters, its time you get some time for yourself.

When you throw yourself into a bigger pot, you are actually moving close to your Self and becoming more self-centric.
When you are moving into your own shell, your are actually sorting or organizing your world.

-- Its funny and amazingly absorbing and surprisingly interesting, how the solutions for most problems reside in the opposite plane. Understand and Catch up with Duality/Dichotomy in life and live feather lite life.